Facebooks new mobile dating app is just like other popular dating apps

Unfortunately, there may be an instance when you need to unmatch someone youve connected with. There are certain steps to unmatch someone on Facebook Dating.

To unmatch someone on Facebook Dating, tap the shield icon in the corner of the chat, and select “delete the conversation.” This will completely remove the person from your chat queue.

Unmatch On Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is a new style of dating apps that rivals other apps like Bumble and Hinge. Facebook leverages its powerful social platform to help other users find love.

Facebook pairs you with other users who are not your friends, so this way, you have a fresh perspective on new people. For each user that is presented to you, youll also be able to see what mutual friends you have.

Unfortunately, even though you may have mutual friends, you may find a match thats not compatible with you. This could be for several reasons.

If you no longer want to stay matched with the person youve connected with, these are the steps youll need to follow.

First, click on the persons profile to bring up the chat. In the top right corner, theres a shield icon.

Once the shield icon is clicked, it will bring up a safety and support menu. The safety and support menu will allow you to do a few different options to disconnect and unmatch from the user.

Safety And Support

Facebook has created a safety and support icon located in the top right corner of any chat window. The safety and support feature is important because it allows users who feel uncomfortable to take action.

In this instance, the three options to unmatch a user are to delete the conversation, block the user, or report the conversation to Facebook Dating.

To safely unmatch someone, there are certain steps we recommend you take to remove a user on Facebook Dating properly.

Delete The Conversation

The first way to remove the user completely is to delete the conversation. As you notice, the delete conversation button is highlighted in red.

This will completely remove the conversation and unmatch you from the other user. Its important to note that theres no way to get it back once you remove this person and delete the conversation.

Users will officially be disconnected, and you will no longer talk with this person anymore. We recommend making 100% sure that you are ready to disconnect and leave this person forever.

Remember, if you have mutual friends with this person, make sure not to ghost them and let them know why youre disconnecting.

Block The Person

If youre not looking to delete the conversation, simply blocking the other person is another way to remove them from your profile.

We recommend blocking someone if they are inappropriate or theyre making your online dating life stressful. This may be through constant texts and harassing messages.

We recommend blocking someone if they are inappropriate or theyre making your online dating life stressful. This may be through constant texts and harassing messages.

Make sure you are completely sure LGBT dating about blocking the person youre connected with, as it may leave them confused if you block them randomly.

Report The Conversation

If the conversation does go south, and you feel uncomfortable with how the guy or girl is expressing themselves on Facebook Dating, we recommend using the Report the conversation button.

Using the report, the conversation button will allow you to choose options or enter your own information about why youre reporting the conversation.

The conversation will be reported to Facebook, which will then be reviewed, and possible action may take place. We recommend you block or delete the users conversation for an instant disconnect rather than waiting out the process.


To unmatch with a user on Facebook Dating, click the shield icon in the top right corner. From here, click the delete this conversation button which will remove the conversation from your chat queue.

Before you disconnect, if you have 1 or 2 mutual friends, be sure to keep a note of what that person said to you before you unmatch them. This will be valuable if there are any awkward encounters with those mutual friends that you may have.


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